[Stackless] Changes to the Stackless Python website

Richard richard at ccpgames.com
Mon Nov 14 10:11:28 CET 2005

The Stackless website is not currently working.  At least
not for me.  It looks like the recommended solution for this
apparently randomly occuring error is to upgrade Zope -
which I will look into after work.  Or to reboot the machine.
At least thats what doing a web search implies.

I don't have time to fight with Zope, or to buy into its
seemingly overly complicated abstraction in favour of being
a general framework at the expense of intuitiveness.  While
I have not put any real thought into it, I wonder if it would
be less stress to use something simpler and straightforward
like MoinMoin.

> From: stackless-bounces at stackless.com
> [mailto:stackless-bounces at stackless.com]On Behalf Of Andrew Francis
> Sent: Saturday, 12 November 2005 5:25 p.m.
> > If you have any comment or ideas on any of these
> > things, please reply to the list with them.
> I would be happy to provide some suggestions. 
> Perhaps the Stackless home page should begin
> with what Stackless is and why it is terrific.

Knowing what a lot of the current users of Stackless think
about these two questions would help me generalise an
introduction that would be more relevant and useful.

So, Andrew:

 1. What is Stackless to you?
 2. Why is it terrific?

If anyone else wants to chime in with their answers it
would be a great help.

> I feel "What is New" is more important to someone
> familar with Stackless.

Thats why I would want to inline the news headlines in
the right hand side-bar :)  And the News page would still
be accessible via a link in the left hand pane navigation.

> Download:
> Yes I am one of the guys that were not quite sure
> what to do. A step-by-step guide would be useful.

While I have not exactly done a step-by-step guide, I have
expanded on the download page a little.  Any comments or
suggestions would be welcome.  If you could read the site
that is, the site is currently erroring in ZODB.

> Developing a Stackless Programme:
> This would be useful. What sort of environment does
> one use. Myself, I use Komodo and I develop in
> C-Python and use dummy modules. Once I am ready, I
> swap in Stackless module. I am trying to figure out
> why Stackless crashes in Komodo.

Beats me :)  Here at CCP we generally use TextPad and
run the code in an embedded interpreter, so the editor
never really causes any problems.

But information on this is a good idea for the website.

> Programming Examples and Idioms:
> I think this is the most important thing. Not
> enough examples. Also it would be helpful if there
> was more information on how to debug a Stackless
> programme. For example, I still have problems figuring
> out what will deadlock a Stackless programme (and I
> have experience writing concurrent programmes). Once I
> master usin Stackless, I would be happy to contribute
> some write-ups.

While I can write examples related to my use of Stackless,
the problem for me is that I do not know what sort of
things people want to know how to do.

When the wiki is working again, I think an examples page
which provides the ability to enter requests would be a
good idea.

Although I am not going to be doing examples for pickling
or using Python threading.

> Programming Projects/Uses:
> I believe Stackless Python has great potential
> in the development of "long running transactions."
> Software Agents (mobile or not) are examples of LRTs.
> I know companies like CCP Games and Iron Port use
> Stackless. It would be interesting to see who else
> uses it.

Yes it would.  But unless people step forward on the
mailing list, we are not going to know.  Maybe if we make
a 'who uses stackless and what for' page in the wiki
people can step forward and add themselves or their company.

Thanks Andrew,


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