[Stackless] Newbie Questions

Lloyd Weehuizen lloyd at fusion.net.nz
Sun Oct 2 00:23:16 CEST 2005

Christian Tismer wrote:

>>Thanks Christian, I gave PythonWin a try, nice simple little IDE, it 
> Yeah, that's a different thing. I said it stands Stackless so far,
> but you cannot expect any IDE to get debugging right if it
> doesn't know about tasklet switching.

Ahh right :)

>>Heres my test application:
>>import stackless
> You seem to be quite new to Python, btw.

Yeap, most definately am, my background is C/C++ with a main focus of 
game development.

>>I can see "test" appearing in the output window over and over again, but 
> Be just careful with print. PythonWin uses the Scintilla control,
> which is not reentrant. Printing that much as you did is anyway
> no good in PythonWin, it seems to freeze because it has todo so
> many screen updates and appends to the display control.

Great! Thanks for the tips...


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