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Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 27 17:00:25 CEST 2005

Hello Lloyd:

--- stackless-request at stackless.com wrote:

> IDEs... I'm assuming stackless isn't compatible with
> most Python IDEs out there as it has a totally
>different stack format? Are there any 
> known IDEs that support stackless or do I have to
> print all my variables? :)

I am a newbie too.....

I see a debug version of Stackless, but
I don't know too much about it.....

Stackless crashed Komodo when I try to debug.
I expected this. What I try to do is isolate the
Stackless components and debug the rest of
my logic in Komodo. Once I am ready, I swap back 
in the Stackless component. I was thinking 
about writing a dummy Stackless library 
implementing the interface for tasklets and 
channels but uses Python threads and queues 
under the hood.
That said, if I continue with Stackless,
it would be a neat project to get it to
work with Komodo (I believe the original
Komodo Python debugger was written in


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