[Stackless] Example and techdemo of an EVE like stackless (beNice, sleep and watchdog) usage with boost.python.

Richard richard at ccpgames.com
Wed Apr 5 11:38:43 CEST 2006

> From: Juho Mäkinen
> I'd like that somebody could download, compile and test if it
> works as expected,  and maybe submit some feedback. After this,
> If Richard (or somebody else) likes so, this can be imported into
> the SVN repository, posted (and hosted) to stackless site or
> whatever.

This is excellent.  I think it will be a great addition to the
demo directory.

I've asked Kristján here at CCP to check the source code out as
he has more C++ knowledge and experience than myself.  He might
be able to provide the Windows / Visual Studio bits and pieces,
but it would be nice to get it submitted anyway if anyone else
makes them.  If they are not submitted, I'll do it myself before
I check it in, but I have a heavy feature load here at CCP to
work on at the moment.

Some things which would be nice additions, if anyone would care
to submit them:

 Windows / Visual Studio related:
 - Visual Studio 2003 (7.1) solution files.
 - A readme file for Windows/Visual Studio detailing the procedure
   for what needs to be present or installed in order to get it to

 Converting this demo to C:
 - This would be nice as a base for C programmers.
 - Having no dependencies, I'd also like to hook it into
   the Stackless test suite.

 Potential wiki additions:
 - The applications page.  An entry about Project Xenocide in
   there with links would be a great addition.  And anything
   else anyone can think of.  This is linked off the main
   Stackless page.
 - A page on Ogre / PyOgre and the use of Stackless Python
   with it.  I know Ásgeir has also used Stackless with Ogre and
   I think that having a page which detailed what was involved,
   caveats, and experiences would be great for encouraging
   others to do so.  Especially screenshots of in-game consoles,
   or whatever that might tweak people's interest.  If anyone has
   any ideas for this, please let me know and we'll beat the wiki
   into shape so that you can get them in there.
 - There is an Examples or Samples or something wiki page linked
   off the main Stackless web page.  An entry there detailing
   this demo would be good.  I can do this myself when I check it
   in unless anyone else would prefer to.
 (The stackless web site seems to be unavailable at the moment)

Thanks a lot! :)

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