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Benjamin Buco fiatetdeusetlux at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 4 03:34:32 CEST 2006

This is an implementation  for what amounts to a queue or buffered channel.  Any suggestions, advice, criticism before I post this to the wiki would be appreciated.  Its probably not the cleanest solution but at least it's pretty.  Also anyone have any objections to me restoring the link to the channels page to the main stackless page?
  import stackless
  class Queue(stackless.channel):
    def uselesstasklet(self,value):
        return stackless.channel.send(self, value)
    def send(self, value, wait=False):
        useless = stackless.tasklet(self.uselesstasklet)(value)
        return None
  def testQueue():
    print "testQueue"
    print "--------------------"
    def recv(ch, name):
        print "Started recv<%s>" % (name,)
        print "recv<%s>: %r" % (name, ch.receive())
      ch = Queue()
      # Queues are nonblocking on sends when there are no receivers
    ch.send("Primary Entry")
    ch.send("Secondary Entry")
      for name in "ABCD":
        task = stackless.tasklet(recv)(ch, name)
      ch.send("Third Entry")
    ch.send("Fourth Entry")
  Thanks guys.
  Benjamin Buco
  IT Instructor
  TechSkills Cincinnati

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