[Stackless] Mixing os threads and stackless

Lars Immisch lars at ibp.de
Wed Apr 26 13:31:26 CEST 2006


> I don't *think* you'd get much advantage with this as the python global 
> interpreter lock will block all threads while another is executing so 
> you might as well run a single thread with all your tasklets in it?

Umm, yes. Having multiple OS threads to run multiple *pure Python* 
tasklets each seems pretty much pointless.

> Unless ofcourse you have specific C routines in your code that get 
> called into often that release the interpreter lock? Your best bet is 
> probably to run some tests in your application and see which gives the 
> best performance.

Or you use a blocking function from the Python library, or a function 
from a third-party module, like a blocking database adapter.

All blocking functions, like sleep(), poll() or whatever will release 
and reacquire the GIL (if threading is enabled - it normally is)

If you write C-Extensions, you need to call PyEval_InitThreads, and 
bracket your blocking calls like:

...Do some blocking I/O operation...

- Lars

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