[Stackless] Mixing os threads and stackless

Johan Carlsson johanc at easypublisher.com
Wed Apr 26 15:04:12 CEST 2006

Lloyd Weehuizen wrote:
> Johan Carlsson wrote:
>> Lloyd Weehuizen wrote:
>>> Hi Johan
>>> I don't *think* you'd get much advantage with this as the python 
>>> global interpreter lock will block all threads while another is 
>>> executing so you might as well run a single thread with all your 
>>> tasklets in it?
>> Why would the PGIL block all threads?
> Correct me if I'm wrong but afaik the PGIL only allows one thread to be 
> executing python code ( or C code called from python that hasn't 
> explicitly released the PGIL ) at any one time?

What does "at one time" mean?


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