[Stackless] Port of 2.4.3 for arm32 and Zaurus

Sylvain Baro sylvain.baro at laposte.net
Tue Aug 15 18:46:06 CEST 2006


With the great help of Richard, I managed to port and run Stackless  
to OpenBSD for Zaurus.

Here is a link to the files to use : http://basy.free.fr/ 

The recursive diff arm32.patch should work on any platform, with a  
little tweaking. The files specific to OpenBSD/Zaurus are the patch_*  

To build for arm32 :
  - apply the arm32 patch;
  - ./configure;
  - add a -D__arm32__ to the OPT and the CPPFLAGS
  - make, make install

To build for OpenBSD/Zaurus
  - apply the arm32 patch;
  - ./configure --prefix=installationprefix
  - apply the patch_* on the proper files
  - make, make install

Sorry to produce post configure patches I'm not very fond/skilled  
in ./configure scripts

Sylvain Baro.

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