[Stackless] 3.1b3 on 2.4.3 crashes with PyQt on Windows

Carlos Eduardo de Paula cedepaula at yahoo.com.br
Fri Aug 18 16:33:31 CEST 2006

Well... after all that work... i found that its not worth the time and effort needed to compile Python under VS2005, I think its better to wait untill Python is completely ready for it. The modules cannot be built with distutils, includes must be added... a lot of problems.

Yesterday at night, at home, I have VS2003, man.. it was easy, just some "python configure.py"´s and nmake´s and it was all ready... QT, SIP, PyQT, psyco... slow... but very easy.

I´m currently developing some examples in stackless and planning to create some GUI app and use stackless too.. 

Right now I developed an application to manage the items manufacturing in EVE using python and QT.. you can check it in http://kavanaghprod.googlepages.com (sorry for the off-topic).

Thanks a lot for everything guys, this was a week with a lot of learning. I hope I can help you all with anything.


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On 8/17/06, Carlos Eduardo de Paula <cedepaula at yahoo.com.br> wrote:
> After some(many) hours on this thing... I could make it work.. (almost everything... ).

Good news :)

> 6. Compiled Stackless using the solution file from the PCBuild directory. (VS converted the 7.1 files to its format) Richard, the files from PCBuild8 didnt work. To use the PCBuild projects I had to include the ..\Stackless, ..\Stackless\Core, etc...

Right.  There has been no need with regard to building Stackless binaries
for the PCBuild8 to work, given that VS 2003 is the build
environment for Python / Windows for the indefinite future.  But you
are right, I should at the least add the Stackless bits and pieces to
the project and solution files.


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