[Stackless] Need help: Profiling in stackless, and Psyco [Fixed]

H. Song venomfly1213 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 23 10:11:57 CET 2006

[I just recognized that the mailer I used converts every message into HTML, so I'm posting again in plaintext. Sorry for inconvenience.]

I'm working on a server-side app built on stackless, and trying to profile it per-tasklet.

I thought anyone who uses stackless on commercial-grade projects would be interested in this matter, but I couldn't find any suitable solution in the list archives, or the repository.

Has someone already dealt with this? If so, please post solutions or advices. I'd be deeply grateful.

And while browsing the archives, I found some threads about some compatibility issues between Stackless and Psyco. They were posted long ago, so I wonder if they were resolved afterward.

In short : Are Stackless and Psyco compatible?

Any comment is very welcome. Thanks in advance,

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