[Stackless] PyCon 2006: The sprint and the presentation

Richard richard at ccpgames.com
Mon Feb 20 10:11:54 CET 2006


I would just like to remind those of you attending PyCon (which starts in three or four days) about the Stackless related presentation and the sprint.  

Anyone who has an interest in getting more familiar with the Stackless internals by helping out with the port, or would like to help out in fleshing out the web site, tests or documentation would be more than welcome to join us in the sprint.  Just join us at the sprint for anything Stackless related!

You can read the original submitted presentation outline at the URL provided.  The actual presentation is still being touched up and may change a little yet, so a more up to date outline is not available at this time.  We hope to make the slides available for download prior to the presentation - ideally appearing on the conference web site along with the slides to the other PyCon presentations.

Anyway, here are the details, including the dates and where possible the locations of the sprint and presentation:

Presentation: Stackless Python in EVE Online
Speaker: Kristján Valur Jónsson
Date: Sunday, February 26th
Time: 10:50 AM
Room: Ballroom F-J
URL: http://www.stackless.com/Members/rmtew/pycon2006

The Stackless Python sprint.
Dates: Monday, February 27th - Thursday, March 2nd inclusive.
Time: Rooms open at 8:00AM, but we may sleep late, best to email us.
URL: http://www.stackless.com/Members/rmtew/pycon2006
URL: http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyCon2006/Sprints/StacklessSprint
Bring: Your laptop and a wireless card.
Contact email: richard at ccpgames.com

Feel free to contact me regarding any part of this.


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