[Stackless] Pickling Tasklets waiting on Channels RE: Giving names for tasklets

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 30 20:20:15 CEST 2006

Hello Richard, Juho, et al... :

Wow, I almost missed this thread...

> Something I was going to mention about naming
>tasklets, is how we do it a little bit differently at
>CCP.  Maybe it is in the slides 
>from the presentation Kristj?n made at PyCon.  We
name >our tasklets something like "Vague
Category/Specific >Label" and then profile time in the

>tasklet to this hierarchical name.

>Nice icea. I was thinking of some type task grouping
>and that's a nice, easy and simple way to do it.

This sounds interesting. I would like to give names to
tasklets and groups of tasklets. 

>Anyway, I ran into more problems, this time with
>pickling.Our game (projectxenocide) will use tasklets
>to script AI (for example). Another thing is how I
>should pickle and unpickle a group of tasklets
>which communicate together with channels?

RT>When I was debugging a pickling problem Andrew
RT>Francis had, this is how I believe it worked:
RT>Pickling a tasklet blocked on a channel, where
there RT>is no reference held to the channel, will
result in RT>that tasklet being pickled, blocked, but
not on the RT>channel.  I do not believe this tasklet
can be RT>safely resumed and when scheduled will crash
RT>(perhaps something to do with the call stack where
RT>it blocked on the channel).

Juho, please see message

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Questions Concerning My Pickle Example Re:	cPickles
hould work?
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Yes, I am trying to pickle and unpickle tasklets. Some
of these processes themselves "contain" tasklets. The
"tasklet" group communicates through channels. The
conclusion I came to was that I could pickle the
"parent" tasklet and its children. Essentially the
problem is that Stackless did not allow me to remove
blocked tasklets.

>Pickling seems to be a powerfull tool but there's a
>lot of mysteries where I'm unable to find answers.

Yes, Juho, pickling is extremely powerful. I think the
best way to learn is to experiment and share
information. This way we can all move forward.

That said, I would like to see some explicit
channel.add(self, tasklet) and channel.remove(self,
tasklet) methods. However this may go against
Stackless's minimalist high level approach.    


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