[Stackless] Stackless Digest, Vol 29, Issue 6

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 20:53:05 CEST 2006

Hello Kai:

> I am making a simulation-like game. 

I am working on a WS-BPEL engine prototype. Although I
have problems, I am quite pleased with what Stackless
Python gives me. Still I should check out the new
generation feature in Stackless 2.5.

>I am interested in high concurrency.

I am interested in high concurrency too. But that is
not the only thing Stackless offers.

> Stackless feels like more work than an event loop
> and state machine. The lack of support for certain
>tools and libraries adds to this.

Kai, so far my experiences are:

1. For the most part, Stackless is a cooperative
threading system. You need some kind of event loop
that calls stackless.schedule(), so tasklets get a
chance to execute.

If stackless could somehow build a clock interrupt
that can call schedule() say once a second, or a 60th
of a second, that would be great. Perhaps there is a
way to get this effect with the watchdog? I don't
understand the watchdog well enough

One of my "tricks" is not to have my tasklets not
directly do IO operations. Rather they send requests
to a lower level that does the dirty work.

2. Deadlock is a big concern. Over the months, I have
written posts on deadlock. One of these days, I have
sum up things nicely on the Wiki.

A big benefit of Stackless, one that I don't think is
emphasized enough, is the ability to pickle execution


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