[Stackless] I got stackless to compile on Mac osX

njharman lists at knoggin.com
Sun Mar 19 17:31:19 CET 2006

Which may or may not be thrilling to you but is something I've been
trying to accomplish for awhile.

Never got the CVS version to compile, and googling around some it
sounded like it was not trivial problem.  Checked out r24551 from
http://codespeak.net/svn/stackless/Python-2.4.2/dev/ and after some
small difficulties achieved success. yay!

I don't have any stackless code to speakof but it passed unittests
except 'test_pickle.TestConcretePickledTasklets'.


osX v 10.3.9
Didn't compile as framework, trying that next  "./configure
--enable-framework --with-framework-name=Stackless"

'configure' had SLPFLAGS = @SLPFLAGS@ which caused compile failures.
Solution: created new 'configure' from 'configure.in' with autoconf.
This was a problem building on Debian/Linux also.

Stackless/* directories not created in build dir.
Solution: modified configure.in

Compile errors "Invalid operands to binary '-'"
Solution: couple casts which I have no idea if they are at all proper.
M      Stackless/platf/slp_platformselect.h
M      Stackless/core/slp_transfer.c

Compile error "Definition change"(forget the exact message)
Solution: Changing type to intptr_t
M      Stackless/core/stackless_impl.h

Not sure who if anyone would be interested in the diffs/corrected files
to check into svn?


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