[Stackless] I got stackless to compile on Mac osX

Richard richard at ccpgames.com
Tue Mar 21 09:15:13 CET 2006

> On Behalf Of njharman:
> I don't have any stackless code to speakof but it passed unittests
> except 'test_pickle.TestConcretePickledTasklets'.

Did you run the Python unit tests as well?  Or just the Stackless
ones.  The Stackless ones (apart from that pickling one which is a
known issue) generally ran immediately with the new port, but the
Python ones did a pretty good job of pointing out the problems.

> 'configure' had SLPFLAGS = @SLPFLAGS@ which caused compile failures.
> Solution: created new 'configure' from 'configure.in' with autoconf.
> This was a problem building on Debian/Linux also.

Can you email me the generated working 'configure'?  I assume that
this file is generated in a consistent form no matter which platform
you generate it on?  In which case, I'll check in the generated
one along with the patched 'configure.in'.


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