[Stackless] Bug when initializing stackless python the second time

Juho Mäkinen juho.makinen at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 21:37:06 CET 2006

I believe I've found a bug which is trigged when I try to initialize
Stackless Python
the second time in a program, after I have first cleaned up with Py_Finalize()

Here is the code to reproduce the bug:


  if (!Py_IsInitialized())
    throw InitializationError();

  Py_Finalize(); // This should cleanup everything, right?

  if (Py_IsInitialized()) // This verifies that python is not
initialized at this point
    std::cerr << "Python is already initialized!" << std::endl;


At the last function, Py_InitializeEx(0), the following error is thrown:
Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: can't init stackless types

I believe I have traced it correctly to function slp_register_execute.
The full callstack at this point it:
Py_InitializeEx() --> _PyStackless_InitTypes() -> init_cframetype()
--> slp_register_execute()

Inside slp_register_execute, the code which triggers the error is the following:
(at line 348 of prickelpit.c)

	if (0
	    || PyDict_GetItem(dp->dict, nameobj) != NULL
	    || PyDict_GetItem(dp->dict, g) != NULL
	    || PyDict_GetItem(dp->dict, b) != NULL
	    ) {
				"duplicate/ambiguous exec func");

The error message suggests that something isn't cleaning up everything right,
but as I'm not familiar with Python internals (much less Stackless internals),
I don't know how to fix this. Hopefully somebody here can =)

 - Juho Mäkinen

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