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Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Thu Mar 23 23:08:11 CET 2006

Joachim König-Baltes wrote:


> What was the reason to _not_ include a buffer for channels? It
> would have been nice, if the channels tried to be compatible
> (to a certain degree) to the standard Queue modules Queue
> class (with a max size for buffer to avoid unlimited process
> growth in case no tasklet listens on a channel that gets filled
> and filled and filled ...).

Channels were inspired by the idea of a minimal
implementation and let people decide what they
really need. Compatibility to existing stuff
was never an issue for stackless. Extra things
should be built on top of it.

Having that said, even channels and the circular
listof tasklets are premature design decisions
whoch are overdone. At the time when I designed
this I thought I would need it. After all, Stackless
will be based upon very primitive coroutines, and
the rest will be builton top of it.

> I think, channels with buffers ease tasklet programming.

I have lots of examples of buffered channels, they
can be implemented in different flavors, and you
should not need more than few lines for this.
So this is left as an excercise. Adding extra
features is the best way to learn how things work.

They are not that often needed, and as Kristjan says,
you will loose a valuable feature.

ciao - minimalistically y'rs -  chris
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