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Richard richard at ccpgames.com
Wed Mar 8 07:59:27 CET 2006

I expect this email to get through.  The previous ones from my
gmail address haven't, but that must be some problem with gmail.

The sprint resulted in a pretty much working port of Christian's
2.3.3 Stackless dev branch to 2.4.2.  You can access it at this
SVN address (at least at this time):


I say, at least at this time, because there was talk at the
sprint of Stackless being hosted at python.org, although
Christian would be the best person to talk about that :)

The only known bug at this time is in the pickling code when you
do something like this:

  def f():
      for x in {}.fromkeys((1,2)):
          print x

  t = stackless.tasklet(f)
  s = cPickle.dumps(t)

There might also be two failures in the standard Python tests which
deal with the handling of the SystemExit exception, but Kristján
from CCP worked on them on the plane and has some fixes he wants
to run past Christian when he gets the time (been hectic back here
after the sprint).

Other things that would be nice if people could do:
- Compile it using the configure script that comes with it.
- Delete the configure script that comes with it and rebuild a new
  one from the configure.in script.
All our compilation at the sprint was under Visual Studio 7.0,
and I have a suspicion that I might have misported the configure.in

Anyway, thats about the sum of it.

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> Lloyd Weehuizen wrote:
> > Yeap :)
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> > Any word on how the PyCon sprint to get stackless on 2.4.x went?
> One word: great!
> I won't tell more because I think Richard wanted to tell. :-)
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