[Stackless] unexpected tasklet & channel behaviour

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Wed Nov 1 10:13:56 CET 2006

Hello Richard,

Wednesday, November 1, 2006, 10:35:59 AM, you wrote:

RT> The only reference to the channel is inline, and when it
RT> garbage collected...

Interesting point, I haven't thought about gc... But actually the same
result is obtained with `gc.disable()'. And anyway, if the reason were
in gc, we should have seen `1 b', `2 b', ..., `5 b' lines in the output,

RT> Because f2 holds a local reference to the channel, the
RT> tasklets on it do not get unblocked and any attempt to
RT> manually run them fails, as it should.

While receive() in f1 executes, doesn't something hold a reference
to the respective channel, too?

>> 2) looks like `t1.run()' in the case 4 runs both t1 and t2, which
>> results in a `t2.run()' failure.

RT> Yes.  This is something that confused me too.  Doing tasklet.run
RT> does not just run that tasklet.  It runs that tasklet and then all the
RT> other scheduled tasklets after it the chain are run next, then it
RT> exits.

RT> No real bugs here.  Just unexpected ways things work :)

OK, so tasklets are `already started, but not yet' even before run(),
and this call only removes the `not yet' part, after which the
scheduler kicks in and executes all tasklets, including those which
are still in a `not yet' state. Unexpected, yeah :) .

Well, that's one half of a problem. The other half is still about the
`6 b' line. I guess I should've asked more detailed questions:

* why `6 b' but not `5 b'? These two tasklets are the same func in
different microthreads, shouldn't they be either both finished or both

* the `6 a' line is (like in case 4) output after `t1.run()', not
`t2.run()'; and the `6 b' is reported after `t2.run()'. In the case 4
the same call spawned an exception---in the case 3 the receive()
simply returns None. Isn't it an inconsistency?

Best regards,
Vladimir Pozdyayev

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