[Stackless] Slp PyPy features (was: endian issues pickling tasklets)

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Sat Nov 4 12:18:34 CET 2006

Grant McDonald wrote:
> It's a very interesting concept, you could think of it as a simple 
> architecture on which to build grid services.  All you would need to do 
> would be to put a broker architecture around it, some load balancing, 
> failover and security and poof! Stackless does grid computing! :)

Yes, more or less. Some provision is needed to ensure that
we create restartable pickles. This is a bit tricky.

> Chris: I have been meaning to ask how far has stackless come in PyPy? 
> What are it's features compared to the standalone stackless implementation?

It is very far. I think only preemptive scheduling is not yet
implemented, everything else should be there.

PyPy's Stackless is more flexible, unifies concepts like
tasklets and greenlets, and is partially a very readable
reference implementation. I wish to back-port some things
at some point.

Implementing pickling was a bit hard for reasons which deserve
their own talk to explain it, but it works pretty well. I'm not
quite sure about its limitations and would like to ask Stephan
about the status of compatibility?

There are again limitations about what can be pickled. In Stackless,
I thought this would limit the ability of cloning, but this
was wrong.
PyPy has its seperate cloning facility, independent from pickling.
You can make snapshots and duplicate threads of execution. This
is very useful for parallelism and not limited by pickling,
but has the drawback that it is machine dependent.

ciao - chris
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