[Stackless] unexpected tasklet & channel behaviour

ardatur ardatur at mail.ru
Thu Nov 2 08:26:02 CET 2006

Richard Tew wrote:

>> Stackless was not designed to run a specific tasklet, it was
>> more like letting things happen using the round-robin
>> approach. Maybe a coroutine interface would be more appropriate
>> to specify what a run() should do?

RT> Don't worry about it.  I think you are spot on with what you say
RT> above.  People just have to understand that the scheduler is
RT> the core of Stackless, and that it is impractical to promise things
RT> like running of a single tasklet, given that you do not know what
RT> might happen in that tasklet.

Maybe an explicit note on the lines of "what not to expect of
method_xxx (despite its name)" in the dox would help the situation?

Best regards,
Vladimir Pozdyayev

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