[Stackless] Compile Error on Intel Mac

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Wed Nov 22 19:36:16 CET 2006


I built with --enable-stacklessfewerregisters and --enable- 
universalsdk and it built and installed fine.

I want to be able to explicitly call stackless and leave the regular  
python alone so building "unix-y" is better since there currently  
isn't any python installed in /usr/local/bin

The shear amount of python's one has to keep installed on OS X is  
amazing. Currently I have;

/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.3/	#Ships with  
/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.4 & 2.5 #Installed  
from MacPython at python.org
/opt/local/bin/python2.5  #Installed by MacPorts as a dependency
and now
/usr/local/bin/python2.5 # Stackless

Everyone I know at some point has path issues and ends up calling the  
wrong python. The easy is fix is to stick your python bin of choice  
at the front of your path 'Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/ 

Since I want to be explicitly calling stackless I'll be creating a  
symbolic link for /usr/local/bin/stackless  ->  /usr/localbin/python2.5


> Mikeal-
> I haven't fixed the default config options for the mac platforms  
> yet...
> there is an extra option "--enable-stacklessfewerregisters" which you
> probably want to use.  And you might what "--enable-universalsdk"...
> And if you are building a version which is generally useful on OS-X
> (rather than a more unix-y version) you probably also want
> "--enable-framework".
> If fact you might just want to go into Mac/BuildScript.py and
> run build-installer.py; which will build a dmg of the
> Universal Python installer for OS-X (with all of the above options
> plus some extra useful stuff -- and since that is the way that
> the powers-that-be build a distribution it is generally kept more
> up to date...)
> -Jas

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