[Stackless] Crash after throwing C++ exception?

Lloyd Weehuizen lloyd at fusion.net.nz
Sun Oct 29 12:49:47 CET 2006


I seem to have run into an issue with throwing C++ exceptions when a 
python error is encountered ( As boost::python does ). Am I wrong in 
thinking it should be safe to use exceptions with stackless?

The basic problem is this, if I create tasklet 'A' that constructs a 
channel, and create tasklet 'B' that waits two seconds and sends an 
exception down that channel, then tasklet 'A' which has blocked on the 
channel, will raise the exception, which is passed back into C where a 
C++ exception of type boost::python::error_already_set is thrown ( as 
nothing in the python code handles it ).

At this point everything appears to be ok, however if that exact same 
code is executed again, stackless crashes with a NULL pointer exception 
deep inside python.

I've managed to get this flow of logic from my larger project and have 
built a small reproducible test case based on Juho's embedding example. 
All Juho's standard tests execute as normal and then I've added a final 
case on the bottom that shows the error.

You should just be able to drop into a fresh checkout of the example to 
see the problem.

Am I just doing something stupid? Or is this an actual bug?

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