[Stackless] Invitation to Present at PyCon 2007

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Tue Oct 31 13:54:38 CET 2006

Jeff Rush:
> The deadline for submitting a talk for PyCon 2007, to be held Feb 
> 23-25 in
> Addison (Dallas), Texas is upon us.  I've been looking through the 
> database of
> submitted talk proposals and I don't see anything related to 
> Stackless.  I
> would like to invite the Stackless community to present on some aspect 
> of
> their project, as they did at PyCon 2006 and hopefully make some new 
> converts.

Richard Tew wrote:
> At this time, there are no plans for either myself or anyone that I 
> know
> of at CCP to go to PyCon again this year.  But if someone else wants
> to do a talk on Stackless, I am more than willing to help where I can.

I am planning to go to PyCon.  I think Stackless needs more exposure.
I've given various Py* talks before.

I don't know enough, yet, to be able to give a new talk.  At best it
would be an intro talk describing what Stackless does and how to
use it in different circumstances.  I know the tutorial talks about
how to use Stackless with a game, but I've never done game design.
(I have worked on numerical simulations of biomolecules.  That's
not something where Stackless would be appropriate.)

I had thoughts by now to work more on the monkeypatch idea from
last August, but work intervened.  The proposal is due in about
12 hours and I don't think I can be done with a monkeypatch by then.  ;)

Would something like the following be good?
   - stackless does lightweight threading
   - some fundamentals
   - using stackless for boss/worker model
       - maybe implement a turing machine?  MARS/Redcode from the 1980s?
           something with a model and with visualization of the model
   - doing stackless I/O
   - .. maybe something workflow related?

I'm sure I can talk about everything but the last one.  For that
there are too many uncertainties to make something definite now.

Thoughts and feedback?

					dalke at dalkescientific.com

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