[Stackless] Invitation to Present at PyCon 2007

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Tue Oct 31 22:40:53 CET 2006

Christian Tismer wrote:
> At the same time, I would like to talk about the recent development,
> the changes in general thinking and how they influenced the
> reimplementation of Stackless in PyPy.
> I have no clue at which conference to put such a talk, if not
> at PyCon?
> about to finish a proposal unless you say "forget it" - chris

No, please proceed with your talk submission Chris.  Your talks are always 
interesting.  It still fits into PyCon, along the line of the various "State 
Of" talks we run -- State of Python, State of Zope, and of course State of 
Stackless. ;-)

It's just that this year we are especially trying to reach beyond the Python 
community, and outside the various subcommunities we have, to bring in new 
people.  For this we need more introductory talks.  We have some very smart 
people in our group, heads-down working hard, but sometimes newbies have 
trouble getting started or even knowing what is relevant.

The tutorials we ran for the first time year helped a lot, as it brought in 
corporate developers who would not have attended otherwise.  We're also 
working to include more women and younger people, tap the university crowd a 
bit more.

In my involvement with various user groups over the past few years, I have run 
into an incredible number of locals who develop in Python for themselves, have 
never been to a community-based conference and aren't on very many mailing 
lists.  Their coding style is quirky, having never seen source other than 
their own (yes, they should download and walk thru code more) and they are 
totally unaware of the various Python subcommunities out there.  Several 
attended PyCon last year, and were amazed that they were not alone.  I want 
talks that they can walk into and get excited about what they hear.

Obviously the newbies are not the _only_ audience at PyCon; us long-timers 
want cool talks too, like Stackless Architecture!  So please submit a talk.


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