[Stackless] Practical uses of stackless technology

Max Noel maxfnoel at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 14:55:30 CEST 2006

On 10/23/06, Carl Friedrich Bolz <cfbolz at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi stackless-dev!
> So this is where we come to you, the existing stackless community: why
> are you interested in stackless? What benefits does it bring to you and
> your business? (the EU always likes to hear that businesses are using
> things  :)

Basically, any project where a large number of entities interact with
each other and the "outside world" in a concurrent manner is one where
Stackless will shine. Whenever you wish you could spawn an infinite
number of (pseudo-)threads without killing your machine, Stackless is
what you're looking for.

The obvious example is a game, where you can spawn a tasklet for each
mobile object (characters, bonuses, attacks, animated scenery...), one
for the game world, one for the user interface and have them all
interact with each other by message-passing, which is incredibly easy
to do. IIRC EVE Online works like that, but the folks from CCP who
post in here will obviously be a better source of information than I.

-- Max

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