[Stackless] pause execusion of tasklet using remove()

Jimsfba at aol.com Jimsfba at aol.com
Fri Oct 13 02:02:28 CEST 2006

Hi, I have a situation that 1,000,000 tasklets are making frequent calls to  
remote servers and waiting for reply. Each tasket is waiting for its own  
reply.  These tasklets are also created and removed frequently.

By  checking stackless's doc, I know I can create a new channel for each new 
tasklet  for making blocking call and make itself pause/sleep.

But it looks like  creating another model can make the code simpler and I 
don't have to create  1,000,000 channel objects.: 
1. after sending out request, pause the  tasklet  by using remove() call
2. use a reply manager to process reply  messages and wake up ( tasklet.run() 
) the specific tasklet based on taskletID  in the reply
3. reply manager kill taskets if they timeout ( I didn't see  channel have 
build-in timeout setting)

Please let me know I went to the  wrong path because of misunderstanding.

When looking at the remove() api,  I saw the following warning message about 

|  remove(...)
|       Removing a tasklet from the runnables queue.
|      Note: If this tasklet has a non-trivial C stack  attached,
|      it will be  destructed when the containing thread state is  destroyed.
|      Since  this will happen in some unpredictable order, it may cause  
|       side-effects. Therefore it is recommended to either run tasklets to  
|      end or to  explicitly kill() them.

Does it mean it's not recommended to use remove()  if I am not sure about if 
non-trivial C stack has been attached ? 

If  anyone can explain what is "containing thread" ( for example, is it a 
thread  generated by stackless internally ?  the main watchdog thread or the  
calling function of python?) and give an example how remove() might failed, I  
will really appreciate. 

Thanks in advanced.

-  Jim

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