[Stackless] [Installation Help] Stackless, CPython 2.4.3 and Dapper Drake

Brian Troutwine goofyheadedpunk at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 18:19:07 CEST 2006

Yesterday morning I read through "Why Stackless?", an introduction to
stackless python that I found on reddit about a week ago. After
finishing the introduction I believe my first thought was something
along the lines of "Holy shit yes!" I'm pretty excited about playing
with stackless.

Unfortunately I'm having difficulties getting the crazy thing
installed. I use x86 Dapper Drake and figured the easiest way would
just be to install over the top of the default CPython install.

My first attempt at compilation was incorrect. I didn't pass --prefix
to configure so I installed stackless to /usr/local which results in
things like:

        $ pydoc
        : No such file or directory

Debian installs python with a prefix of /usr, so my second compilation
attempt reflected that. However I get a number of errors of this sort:

        /usr/bin/install -c ./Lib/idlelib/FileList.py /usr/lib/python2.4/idlelib
        /usr/bin/install: setting permissions for
`/usr/lib/python2.4/idlelib/FileList.py': No such file or directory

The installation fails with

        running install_scripts
        copying build/scripts-2.4/idle -> /usr/bin
        error: /usr/bin/idle: No such file or directory
        make: *** [sharedinstall] Error 1

I've issued "apt-get build-dep python2.4" and my configure, compile,
install string is "./configure --prefix=/usr && make && sudo
checkinstall". I would like to install stackless over the top or
parallel to Debian's default install of python2.4.

Has anyone done this? Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong when
attempting to install stackless?


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