[Stackless] Invitation to Present at PyCon 2007

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 31 17:30:05 CET 2006

Hello Andrew and Colleagues:

> The deadline for submitting a talk for PyCon 2007,
>to be held Feb  23-25 in Addison (Dallas), Texas is
>upon us.  

A year has pasted !!! October 31th is too tight.

>I don't know enough, yet, to be able to give a new
>talk.  At best it would be an intro talk describing
>what Stackless does and how to use it in different

>   - doing stackless I/O
>   - .. maybe something workflow related?

Well a large aspect of my Stackless Python WS-BPEL
processor ("Stagehand") involves both the logical
scheduling (read workflow) and network I/O. I
submitted a last minute talk to 2006 Vancouver Python
Conference but I couldn't get out there. 

Here is a slightly modified version of the abstract :


Stackless Python : Just Not for Gamers ....

WS-BPEL (web service business process execution
language) processors tackle many tough issues :
concurrency, transactions,  network programming,
persistence. Stagehand is a WS-BPEL implementation.
The enigmatic Stackless Python is used to implement an
important Stagehand component : the Processor (was the

This talk will de-mystify Stackless Python by
illustrating how it is used to elegantly solve
problems from light weight concurrency to thread
synchronization to process persistence. Integration
with Twisted will also be discussed.


>I'm sure I can talk about everything but the last
>one.  For that there are too many uncertainties to
>make something definite now.

So far I have had success with Stackless and Twisted.
I still don't understand all the issues but I would be
happy to summarise the knowledge I gleaned from using
this mailing list.  I should put what I learnt in the
Wiki. Vis-a-vis WS-BPEL. It will be interesting when I
start incorporating WS-BPEL 2.0 changes.  This work
would probably begin in December once I finish the


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