[Stackless] An idea for making Stackless more naturally

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 5 15:18:34 CEST 2006

Hello Richard:

>Well, I personally do not know much about, or have
>much interest in Twisted and cannot see myself ever
>personally supporting Stackless use with Twisted. 
But >it sounds like you are well into this, 

I am still learning Twisted myself. And WS-BPEL
processors really push the web services envelop. I
need all the high level that I can get.

I find it great that I can get a decent HTTP server
and client and get it to work with Stackless with very
few tricks. Again, I am keen on Twisted because it is
a well supported and popular framework in the Python
community. Richard I think Stackless/Twisted have the
makings of a killer combination.

>and anything you can provide which
>makes Stackless something appealing to someone using
>Twisted (the ability to write natural blocking calls
>without having to use deferreds or generators should
>be enough IMO) would be appreciated.

Richard, I haven't used deferred lists yet but I find
the deferred work really well with Stackless. At most,
there are minor changes I would like to see in Twisted
to make it a bit neater to pass a channel, but that is
not a Stackless problem.

Again, my WS-BPEL processor uses a layered
architecture that separates Twisted (or any
asynchronous I/O based library) from the BPEL
processes. The layers communicate through channels.
Another reason, why I myself, don't feel a pressing
need for a more natural way to handle sockets. But I
can see others wanting this.

Once I finish, probably the best thing I can do is
write notes and post them on the Wiki. I have been
threatening to do this for a while :-)

If I could abstract my experiences, I would say a part
of a solution is getting select()/poll() running in
its own thread. This way the Stackless Python VM does
not block.

Part two is to write adapters to map message based
channel calls into stream based calls that a low level
socket library expects. The Monkey Patching sounds a
bit rough to me.


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