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Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 14:02:57 -0000
From: radix at twistedmatrix.com
Subject: Re: [Stackless] An idea for making Stackless
more naturally
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AF>Richard, I haven't used deferred lists yet but I
AF>find the deferred work really well with Stackless. 
AF>At most, there are minor changes I would like to
AF>in Twisted to make it a bit neater to pass a
AF>channel, but that is not a Stackless problem.

Radix>You might want to check out 

Radix, I have seen that webpage. However I did not see
how it would solve my fundamental problem, my
application blocking indefinitely when waiting for an
incoming connection.  

To recap my problem, pretend one has the following

[C(0) | C(1) | C(n) | S(0)]

C - client (making a connection)
S - server (accepting a connection)
| - running in parallel

In this scenario, the S will block Twisted and the
Stackless VM (Bob Ippolito pointed this out). Blocking
cuts down on throughput. I don't see how Deferred help
here. However calls to TaskLoop that periodically call
a callback, which in turn, call stackless.schedule(),
giving waiting clients a chance to execute. Another
advantage is that I can use TaskLoop to run a proper

I have to admit there is there few changes I can think
of at the moment that are absolutely necessary to make
Twisted work with Stackless. This is a good thing.


I have mentioned this in previous e-mail, but I find a
good way to use Twisted with Stackless is to have
tasklets communicate with callbacks through a shared
channel. Perhaps this is obvious. However I find it
works nicely.


>From what I recalled (I have to the code), my life
would be made easier if callback handlers were passed
a reference to the web server class. This would make
it easier to pass a callback a channel, as opposed to
making the channel a class variable.

Out of curiousity, whom do I talk to if I wish to dive
deeper into exploring Twisted and Stackless Python


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