[Stackless] chatServer application - first play with socket/stacklesssocket

Carlos Eduardo de Paula carlosedp at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 00:06:59 CEST 2007

Since i've been reading many messages dealing with
socket/stacklesssocket in the list, I decided to take a look on it...
it was very funny... I liked a lot it and wrote a small app to ease my

I posted it on Dpaste (as usual).. if anyone wants to take a look, it
is very simple and illustrates the usage. Here is the description:

# An example that uses stacklesssocket to provide a chat like application.
# The users connect via telnet to the IP:port of the server and type in any
# text and all users connected receives it.
# The server identifies an special character to close the connection and handle
# the connected client list.
# The example is based on mud.py but uses the standard dispatcher creating a
# tasklet for each connected client.


Do anyone think its worth adding it to the examples project?

Now I can participate socket conversation since now I know whats going on...


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