[Stackless] Debugging stackless applications

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 16 20:43:23 CEST 2007

Hi Richard:

>I do not think it is that complex.  All you need to
>know is that the debugging hooks are per-tasklet,
>rather than per-thread, and to either adapt the
>existing standard library debugger to deal with it. 
>Or if that is not feasible, write a new one.

Since I know very little about debuggers, Python, and
Stackless Python internals, so I will assume writing a
debugger is complex. Right now I am going through the
"Continuations and Stackless Python" slides. Also I
need to read up more on pdb.

I will also look for the old Python based debugger
that was packaged with Komodo. I believe it understood
threads. So this gives me another reference point.

>All the Python frames, variables and so forth should
>be introspectable whatever tasklet is active.  And
you >can get a long way with introspection via dir()
to >find pretty much anything else you might

What you described is only a piece of puzzle. I am
interested in stuff like concerning how to inspect  
Stackless Python objects? 

- How do I control the frame list (the structure in
lieu of the C stack)? 
- What is the instruction pointer(s) (or its
- How do I get the list of tasklets?
- what is on the runnable list? What is blocked?
- what are the state of the channels?

All this means diving into Stackless Python's


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