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Tim Kientzle tim at metaweb.com
Thu Aug 23 20:14:27 CEST 2007

I can recommend Dan Kegel's article about extreme scaling:


Besides a lot of interesting ideas, this article also
has a lot of links to various server code and libraries
and other articles on server performance.

Tim Kientzle

Seun Osewa wrote:
> There are workarounds, but that's not really good enough.
> One ends up losing the desired performance advantage.
> I wrote a tiny web server using threads and using stackless,
> and the threaded server was 20-25% faster for an hello world app.
> A threaded server is more vulnerable to overloading by slow
> clients, though, but the same methods used to tune Apache can
> be used to tune a threaded (or multiprocess) python server.
> For something like a chat server I guess Stackless will win,
> because raw performance is not the issue there but the ability
> to multiplex thousands of clients simultaneously.  Perhaps
> Stackless is doomed to occupy a rather small server niche?
> On 8/22/07, Tim Kientzle <tim at metaweb.com> wrote:
>> a) You can do useful things without a database. ;-)
>> b) There are workarounds.  You can, for example, have a separate process
>> or thread that handles all database I/O asynchronously from the main
>> server.  You can use the current stacklessfile implementation as a
>> template for how to do this yourself.
>> c) Rumor has it that there's a pure-Python MySQL driver in the works
>> that should be pretty easily adaptable to non-blocking stackless operation:
>>  From <http://mysql-python.blogspot.com/> for April 30, 2007:
>> "Jess Balint of MySQL AB has written a pure Python MySQL driver that
>> looks pretty functional. I'll have more on this in my next post..."
>> Tim Kientzle
>> Seun Osewa wrote:
>>> Isn't a stackless WSGI server useless without non-blocking database
>>> drivers (MySQL specifically)?
>>> On 8/22/07, Arnar Birgisson <arnarbi at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi Sam,
>>>> On 8/22/07, Sam Feltus <samfeltus at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> Would this thing run on a Vista computer, or would I be beating my head
>>>>> against a wall trying???
>>>> The stackless WSGI server should run wherever stackless runs.
>>>> Arnar
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