[Stackless] stacklessocket with threads, and stacklessfile

Tim Kientzle tim at metaweb.com
Thu Aug 9 02:16:48 CEST 2007

>> ... the I/O pump invokes [select()] with a short timeout
>> so that other tasklets get serviced.
> If there are other runnable tasklets ... [or] ... tasklets that want to
> wake up in the future, invoke select() with the appropriate timeout.

Ah.  That would fix it.  I wanted to
do something like this but couldn't
find how to examine the runnable queue.

Is there any good documentation for this aspect
of stackless?

> That's how my example works:
> http://sweetbytes.net/stackless_io.html

I'll definitely take a look.

BTW, you mentioned your code worked with
files?  I thought select()/poll() didn't
work correctly for files.  Don't they always
return "ready" for any check on a file,
regardless of the actual I/O state?


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