[Stackless] The Future of Stackless

Justin Tulloss jmtulloss at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 22:38:13 CET 2007

> I look at Stackless and see the possibility for a Python-based  
> "Erlang", but I also recognize that I'm not the one donating the  
> time to make it happen.  I also understand that there are huge  
> potential problems around the GIL that have to be addressed as well.

I'm currently working on exactly this. I've taken stackless and am  
working on removing the GIL now, with the eventual goal of making  
stackless truly parallel. It is indeed a massive undertaking, as  
everybody has said earlier, and I don't claim to be working on it all  
that often. I'm working on it for credit this upcoming semester, but  
I'll probably stop after that. Check back in May; I'll post my results  
and if there's any code somebody else could continue hacking on.


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