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Lloyd Weehuizen lloyd at fusion.net.nz
Wed Feb 21 11:24:10 CET 2007

Hey Andrew

On 21/02/2007, at 7:52 AM, Andrew Francis wrote:

> I use Stackless for two reasons: 1) The pickling of
> execution state greatless simplifies the design of my
> application. 2) Stackless has an elegant concurrency
> model. The light weight nature of tasklets is a bonus.
> Regardless, I would argue that I were doing
> complicated networking with Python, I would use
> Twisted.

How do you use pickling of execution state, I always thought this was  
a very neat feature, however I found it was not that useful in  
practice. For example in my application, tasklets do some work, then  
sleep for a number of minutes, wake and do some more processing. At  
application shutdown, I need to save the current state and then  
resume from that point once the application is re-launched.  
Originally I thought I could just pickle all active tasklets, but  
then what happens when you release an update? The tasklets resume in  
a different code base.

This has forced me to implement a more traditional tasklet state  
storage system.


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