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Hello Andrew :

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> I want to show how to have stackless work with
> system threads, as when dealing with functions which
>have no non-blocking solution.

I need to look at your code in more detail. However I
have had these problems making Stackless interoperate
with the Twisted Networking framework. I do a few
things :

1. Run Twisted and Stackless in seperate threads
(Twisted has a callFromThread() and callInThread

1A. In my case, I have the Stackless and Twisted
threads share a dequeue. I am being conservative; I
could probably use a channel.

1B. I isolate Twisted and Stackless functionality.

2. From experience, I have found that in order to
avoid Stackless Python's notion of "deadlocking" and
to give various tasklets a chance, I do the following.

Note : note in the case of deque, I have to do this.

while (some_condition):
    #this could be also channel.balance > 0 )
    if len(queue) > 0: 
       message = channel.pop()
       # do something
       # give non-blocking tasklets a chance
       # I also use the polling to run a "soft" clock
       # for a scheduler.   


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