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Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Thu Feb 15 19:06:39 CET 2007


I'm following the current thread on Andrew's presentation of Stack-
less at PyCon'07 with curiosity. I have been using Stackless myself
in a project with Christian, but not seriously for my own projects.
So I still ofen feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of different
concepts, alternative versions being implemented and their general
potential in applications.

As it happens I'm involved in a book project on Python describing
several alternative implementations of CPython. And I would love to
add one page on Stackless (and one on PyPy, but that's a different
thing, at least for now, I know).

Unfortunately, there is no such thing like an appropriate one page
description. Or at least I have not discovered it yet (or it's not
appropriate for me), neither on stackless.com nor anywhere else.
And, yes, I have seen presentations and talked to Christian.

I know people asking for Stackless articles and I love the idea of
Python becoming the first choice for expressing concurrency in an
elegant way *and* in a real-world programming language. Andrew's
presentation will certainly give it a boost in awareness (great
slides so far!).

Still, I believe that some basic short overview text that makes
people (even not too technical ones) getting the idea of what
Stackless is about (even without any code) should be possible and
very helpful as well. This is basically what I'd like to read in
a "Stackless on one page" text. I think there is a canonical place
for such a description and  a canonical way of developping it:


Hopefully, I can persuade some of you here to give it a try and de-
velop the current Wikipedia page into something really useful as
a starting point. Who would be more appropriate than people on this

To those who think that one page is too short and no code won't work
I like to say that limitation of resources is often a great source
of creativity. George Perec wrote an entire novel in French without
using the letter "e" once, named "La disparition". It was even trans-
lated into English as "A void" (also without "e").

I hope this rather long message will sparkle some creativity for wri-
ting a reference text to describe a project that certainly deserves



Dinu C. Gherman
I love my Mac. I just wish it came in green! - www.greenmyapple.com

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