[Stackless] rough PyCon'07 draft; feedback wanted

Stephan Diehl stephan.diehl at gmx.net
Thu Feb 15 13:36:06 CET 2007


Andrew Dalke wrote:
> On Feb 14, 2007, at 6:02 PM, Steve Holden wrote:
>> ... and if it fits with your already-observed speaking abilities then
>> you should feel free to ignore my concerns. It's quite possible I  
>> write
>> denser slides than you.
> This evening I experimented with a sort of slide-based
> animation of how stackless works.  The 40+ slides are at
> http://dalkescientific.com/StacklessPyCon2007-Dalke.pdf

this is excelent. It captures quite nicely what there is to know about 
tasklets (at least initially). Can't wait for the channel animations...


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