[Stackless] rough PyCon'07 draft; feedback wanted

Stephan Diehl stephan.diehl at gmx.net
Tue Feb 13 14:09:59 CET 2007

Andrew Dalke wrote:
> Hi all,
>    Here's my rough draft for what I can/hope to talk about
> during PyCon.  It's rather long at 2441 lines.  It contains
> a lot of code.
>   According to http://us.pycon.org/apps07/talks/ (see #76),
> I have 45 minutes for my Stackless slot, so <=40 minutes to talk.
>    This has turned out to be the most difficult presentation
> I've had to do because of the length of the talk, because
> of my relative lack of experience with Stackless, and because
> I generated a lot of timing numbers and alternative approaches.
>    I'm sending it now for review and feedback.  Some
> specific questions are:
>    - what should I stress / deemphasize?  Are the examples
> interesting to people (eg, XML processing, format identification,
> handling blocking function calls and I/O)?
>    - am I missing something obvious?
>    - if people build a stackless binary do they usually call
>       that binary "python", "stackless", "spython" or something else?
>    - ???
>    I hope to have a version as a text article but as this draft took
> a few weeks of on-and-off work and thought, I can't make guarantees.
> There's still a lot of work for the slides for the conference in
> 10 days.

It's great to see some comprehensive article on stackless. Please 
publish it on stackless.com.
I still haven't read everything -- it's just too long. Which brings me 
just to the point: This is in no conceivable way a 40 minute talk. You 
could probably fill a whole day with this stuff.
And still, I was missing the pickling as well. If there is the ONE 
feature that only stackless can give you, it's function (tasklet) pickling.

just my 2c


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