[Stackless] rough PyCon'07 draft; feedback wanted

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 14 21:05:55 CET 2007

Hi Andrew:

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On Feb 13, 2007, at 10:53 AM, Andrew Francis wrote:

>Hmm..  I really do need to sit down and work out a
>slide count for each of these parts.  And remember to
>not speak really, really fast in order to squeeze
>everything in.

Well I was a Toastmaster, so I have a feel for how
difficult preparing talks can be.

>I've seen some of your comments about doing pipelines
>and that's something which interests me. 

If queue as asynchronous pipeline interests you,
perhaps you should read the section in the "Pragmatic
Programmer" by Andrew Hunt and Dave Thomas about loose
coupling and blackboards.

>PyCon is done I'll probably talk with you some about
>it in private email.

Please do. 

>Ahh, if only some company would fund me for this  :)

I would settle for some VCs throwing money my way :-) 

>Looking through the back emails I see the work you've
>put into making them fit together.  

Again to borrow from the "Pragmatic Programmer," this
is a case of "Stone Soup." I throw out some
information. Others contribute. And bingo, we have a

My next target is to get Stackless to debug properly
with my IDE :-)

>In my vision of what could occur, a Stackless support
>library should be able to interoperate with the 3
>or so async I/O packages easily.  Just need time and
>money. :)

It has been a while but I originally used a Python
based HTTP server that I found on the ActiveState
developer's network. I believe you will find that the
general principle is to have Stackless and the
asynchronous based server communicate via essentially
asynchronous queues. If you are doing CGI, the only
place where communications is synchronous is when a
request handler waits for output (from a Stackless
tasklet). A piece of the strategy is to give each
"request handler" its own communication channel (i.e.,
stackless channel, deque) 

>EuroPython in Vilnius, Lithuania this summer?
>"Stackless and Twisted" sounds like a great talk.

What's Lithuania like in summer time?


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