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Tue Feb 20 20:51:37 CET 2007

> The essence of my proposed solution is to execute
> Twisted and Stackless in separate OS threads and have
> them communicate through a queue. In turn, one has a
> "dispatcher" tasklet that communicates between
> tasklets that make I/O requests and Twisted. The
> Stackless thread is started using Twisted's
> callInThread() function. Stackless accesses Twisted
> calls using callFromThread(). Yes there is overhead to
> this solution. However I can now use a tasklet to
> process network I/O instead of an OS thread.

Twisted and Stackless can be used in the same thread, without
callFromThread. Just make the reactor.run method be the root tasklet.
Blocked tasklets can then wait for channels that are filled by deferred
callbacks in the same thread.

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