[Stackless] Problem with Stackless and PyQt under Ubuntu

Alexander Busck alexander at illumit.se
Wed Feb 28 14:13:16 CET 2007


I'm trying to get Stackless and PyQt work together under an Ubuntu
Dapper environment, which turned out to be rather difficult.

Stackless compiles without any errors and so does PyQt. But when I run
"import qt" in Stackless I get a segmentation fault. I'm positive I've
compiled PyQt with the Stackless headers and not the ones from the
standard distribution. If I download and compile the standard Python
2.5 along with PyQt everything works perfectly. This is why I get the
feeling that there is a problem with Stackless. The unittest bundled
with Stackless runs without any problems and everything else except
PyQt seems to be working.


Python 2.5 Stackless 3.1b3, from SVN Feb 15 2007
sip-snapshot-20070210, used together with PyQt

using gcc 4.0.3 to compile

No other python modules are present

I've done some debugging (using gdb) trying to find the problem. The
following message is printed in gdb:

0x08093b5e in PyString_FromFormatV (
    format=0x814ed18 "type '%.100s' is not an acceptable base type",
    vargs=<value optimized out>) at Objects/stringobject.c:202

In Objects/stringobject.c

Line 201: s = va_arg(count, char*);
Line 202: n += strlen(s);

The function va_arg at line 201 returns a null pointer instead of a
pointer to a string.

Is there anyone who have any clues to solve this disturbing problem?
Is it possible that I have missed something important when configuring

Thankful for any help


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