[Stackless] timeout on channel receive

Paul Sijben sijben at eemvalley.com
Wed Feb 21 19:10:23 CET 2007

Richard Tew wrote:
> On 2/21/07, Paul Sijben <sijben at eemvalley.com> wrote:
>>  yes please! I do not quite understand yet which standard python 
>> things work
>> with stackless and  which to avoid.
> Here is an example of recieve calls timing out.  It requires all receive 
> calls
> on a given channel to time out after the same period of time but it should
> be a starting point.
> http://svn.python.org/view/stackless/sandbox/examples/channelWithReceiveTimeout.py 

thanks very much, I will look at it in detail tomorrow as it is too much 
to appreciate right now.

>>  BTW: I am looking for a overview of all the features of the stackless
>> module but I can not find it. Am I just looking in the wrong place?
> Not really.  Documentation is pretty lacking for Stackless.  And this is
> one thing I can't point you to.  Well, you could play with the stackless
> module in the interpreter, or read the source code, but that is a
> second rate suggestion.

OK when I am really curious I'll loot at the source ;-)
> Richard.

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