[Stackless] Stackless WSGI server

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 14 01:53:42 CEST 2007

Hi Arnar:

(about sea-side. Unaware of Sea-side though I have
programmed in Smalltalk)

>Backing up from state 4 to state 3, and moving from
>there to a new state 4' - should that invalidate
>state 4 somehow?

I use Stackless to develop WS-BPEL processors. WS-BPEL
is a programming language for SOA applications. The
ability to pickle execution state was a major
attraction to Stackless Python. Unlike yourself, I use
Twisted to provide the underlying networking.

Some comments....

A major component of WS-BPEL is support for
long-running transactions via a mechanism called
compensation. Your state comment reminds me of
compensation. Compensation supports transactions that
cannot be rolled back as a part of an atomic
transaction. Compensation takes snapshots of the
WS-BPEL processor's execution state and makes them
available to an error handler in case of an error that
cannot be rolled back. I will soon start work on this.

>What is the most efficient way to store serialized
>tasklets, files, database, memcached?

I am interested in the serialisation of a WS-BPEL
process that is waiting a long time in memory. On the
Stackless Wiki, Richard was kind enough to illustrate
how to decouple a tasklet from a channel. I could be
wrong but I feel it would be advantageous to develop a
protocol that allows tasklets and their channels to be
pickled together and readily portable between


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