[Stackless] Tying the Pieces Together Re: Stackless and Twisted Threads Redux

Santiago Gala santiago.gala at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 21:09:22 CEST 2007

El sáb, 14-07-2007 a las 06:51 -0700, Andrew Francis escribió:

(... big snip ...)
> After all there are situations
> that may require using threads.

I'm trying to find a reasonable way to do asynchronous
socket.getaddrinfo() for gajim (www.gajim.org) in plain python (but hte
problem applies equally to stackless) and I just can't believe there is
not already a simple hack that does not involve hacking a number of
orphaned libraries to end up with something that does not work.

The only solutions I'm finding imply one or more threads doing the
getaddrinfo() calls, and then one runs into the tough problem of merging
together both approaches (async select/poll/... and threads) without
busy looping, etc. Which seems to be on topic in this thread :)

Any reasonable clue?


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