[Stackless] stackless.run() returns tuple????

Paul Sijben sijben at eemvalley.com
Sun Jul 15 10:13:14 CEST 2007

I will send some sample code when I reproduce it reliably in a testscript.

However what I am seeing is that val=stackless.run() at some random
point terminates and then val contains: (a float,(1,[]))
This is the format I use in the channels I use as queues, the float is
the result of calling time.time()

Going back in my trace to what was in that queue at that time I see that
the [] was a /filled/ list. Well the value has already been collected
from the queue, so I assume for the time being that the garbage
collector has removed the contents. Now I do not know what makes
stackless.run() terminate like this, but the value seems to be what was
on the stack when it did....

And of course I am running my project in multiple threads (I already
have set the script to only one CPU).

Also the problem started because I replaced timedchannels with regular
ones because the timed ones cost way too much time. The code is muuuuuch
faster now but with this undesirable side-effect.


Christian Tismer wrote:
> On 14.07.2007, at 12:32, Paul Sijben wrote:
>> BTW: on closer inspection the tuple is likely the value in a channel
>> Paul Sijben wrote:
>>> What does it mean if stackless.run() returns a tuple to me? Shouldn't
>>> that function only return when the rest of the tasklets have
>>> terminated???
> Paul,
> this makes little sense without sample code.
> thanks -- chris
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