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Richard Tew richard.m.tew at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 10:10:54 CEST 2007

On 6/21/07, Matt Provost <mprovost at termcap.net> wrote:
> Has anyone gotten stackless to work with web.py? I'm trying to port some
> CGIs over but it either segfaults or just hangs. Monkeypatching
> stacklesssocket was causing problems but I think I fixed that (you have
> to add:
> fromfd = stdsocket.fromfd
> getfqdn = stdsocket.getfqdn
> to stacklesssocket).

Ah, yes.  Will try and remember to add those, thanks.

> Running some simple test scripts with tasklets works ok but some of my
> more complicated programs fail so I'm not sure exactly where the problem
> is. It looks like I call stackless.run() and that's the last I hear from
> it.
> Looking at one of the core dumps it seems like it's looping trying to
> kill a tasklet maybe:
> #262061 0x080c809e in impl_tasklet_kill (task=0xb7976994) at Stackless/module/taskletobject.c:961
> #262062 0x080c70a9 in tasklet_clear (t=0xb7976994) at Stackless/module/taskletobject.c:943
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> That's the longest backtrace I've ever seen; the final coredump is gdb
> dying. It all looks the same, just alternating between those two calls.

What version of Stackless are you running?  Is this on Windows, MacOS
or what?  Did you compile it yourself?  Where did you obtain the source
code from?  Was it from the release25 branch or from the release25 tag,
one of the 2.4.x branches, the trunk?

To be honest, I would hazard a guess and assume the fact that the
call stack claims tasklet_clear is on line 943 is an indication of problems
with the version you compiled.  It gets impl_tasklet_kill right.  Do the
Python unit tests and the Stackless unit tests all pass for you?

Stackless when working on different platforms is pretty reliable in having
the same bugs reproducible on whichever one is involved.  The best
scenario would be you being able to provide a reproducibility case.


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