[Stackless] Santa concurrency problem

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Thu Mar 29 00:26:19 CEST 2007

On 28.03.2007, at 23:25, Carlos Eduardo de Paula wrote:

> Based on Christian's last addition for the sleep management, I created
> a version of the producer-consumer app using that sleep manager.
> The code is here: http://dpaste.com/hold/7549/
> If anyone wants to take a look if it has been well used and report
> back i will be glad...
> Maybe we can get to a place where we can build a utility library
> containing these most used functions and classes, like uthread does...

Thanks for adding this code, although it was created under a lot of
pressure, so not everything is as worked out as it should be.
I think the monkey-patching is quite ok - Stackless users always
need to be more aware of what they are doing than normal beings.

What I dislike is for now:
- the use of min() on a dict might be fast on small dicts, but replacing
   it with a priority queue is maybe more appropriate.
- the issue about burning all CPU time should be handled.
   maybe with a default handler which uses time.sleep() with small
   intervals, but providing a hook to add real signal-aware code,  

any takers?

cheers - chris

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